AURUS Athletica is made up of a team of high performance athletes, coaches, and designers, brought together by the same passion. It all started when our CEO and Athlete-in-Chief, Marcus, was looking to update his training and competition apparel as a high performance track and field athlete. He had grown accustomed to wearing some of the most cutting-edge items from the biggest names in the sports apparel industry, but as an athlete without a lucrative sponsorship contract, these items always came at an extremely high financial cost or were next to impossible to find. And in a sport where the winner could be determined by as little as 0.01 seconds, what you wore definitely mattered.

In talking with other athletes and coaches about his dilemma, Marcus realized that there had to be a way for athletes to train and compete in apparel that would let them push their performance limits, but which wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. And so, AURUS Athletica was born.

AURUS Athletica is designed for all the world champions, the weekend warriors, the first timers. We are inspired by your stories of sweat, blood, and tears: a never-ending quest to rise to the top, to face your moment of truth, to conquer your next challenge, to prove your doubters wrong.

You’re the ones who wake up every day at the crack of dawn, even though that voice inside you tells you to go back to sleep. You’re the ones making the sacrifices on weekends and evenings to achieve your goals. You’re the ones lacing up for the first time to conquer your inner demons. You’re the ones who keep pushing, even when everyone else has stopped. Even though nobody knows, we know.

Go ahead. Pursue it all. The moment is now.